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October 20, 2021

The Use of Alternative Data in the Crypto Market

With the growing crypto market, investors have been wondering whether its possible to anticipate price and market changes to digital…

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Why Alternative Data Is Changing The Finance Landscape

Analysts need data to deepen their findings. To this end, they try to use sources such as news and web-based…

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The Future of Data Privacy in Alternative Data

Alternative data is moving the modern business world. Simply put, alternative data is unconventional sources of data — from satellite…

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Top 7 Alternative Datasets Companies Use

Alternative data is rapidly making its mark in the stock market as one of the main identifiers in the finance…

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How Investors Can Use Alternative Data

With alternative data on the rise, various data vendors have begun to provide services and offerings that allow retail investors…

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Exploring Alternative Data in Finance

Using alternative data to gain an edge in business decisions plays a tremendous role in staying ahead. Alternative data is…

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Top Alternative Data Providers

With alternative data growing in market size, there are more and more players that are coming into space, providing alternative…

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