Chain of Demand and Fasta.AI Host Talk at R One Space


On October 22, 2019, Chain of Demand and Fasta.ai collaborated to create a fully packed event at R One Space – a highly popular co-working space located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – informing retailers on how retailers can leverage AI and big data to create opportunities during a recession


As Thinkcol’s innovation platform, Fasta.AI is a digital tool that leverages machine learning models to contextualize trends within social data. The company goes through and analyzes relevant social media conversations to identify and predict emerging trends three months earlier than most other trend methodologies. 




With Chain of Demand’s expertise in advanced predictive analytics and Fasta.ai’s analysis into trends, the two spoke about how more than ever before, retailers and brands need to future-proof their business. This has especially been the case with the current political climate and the anticipated recession drawing closer. 


One way for companies to move forward is to integrate technology to better navigate such an uncertain and unstable business environments, particularly in Hong Kong. By learning how to pay closer attention to social trends and predict consumer demand, the two AI-driven companies informed retailers on how to make the most of their data and turn potential threats into opportunities.

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