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Consumer behavior & expectations have dramatically changed over the past few years, and stores around the world are feeling it. We empower companies of various sizes and types to meet those changing demands by turning data into powerful actions, and in turn profitable results.

Retail Brands

Learning how to anticipate consumer demand is crucial to driving a successful business. Old traditional methods won’t cut it. To stay ahead, you need to predict and track accurately, but also apply the power of automation, as that is what ultimately helps to reduce time and resource costs.

Many forecasting solutions out these days depend on backward-looking, out-dated statistical approaches. Our solution, on the other hand, accounts for a myriad of variables and analyzes thousands of data points which can potentially influence the demand. Learning from each new point and improving upon it, our predictive models consider the entire retail process. This empowers you to make smarter choices and obtain more powerful, profitable results.

Omnichannel Retailers

While operating at a multichannel level is nothing new, with the emergence of e-commerce and mobile, things have become a tad bit more complicated. Since customers have a lot more power and higher expectations on delivery speed, you need to consider a multitude of combinations of whether your products are in the right place, at the right time, and for the right price.

Unlike standard solutions out there, we provide forward-looking results that go beyond just making sense of past behavior. Our machine learning intelligently predicts and recommends optimal decisions to prevent the incurrence of inventory costs. We break the results down all the way to the SKU level providing  immediate solutions.

Wholesale Brands

With so many moving parts that you need to worry about, it is important to become more tech-savvy and data-centric. E-commerce and digital storefronts are popping up everywhere, dramatically making things more demanding. Our solutions help you make smarter, better decisions that are supported by concrete evidence. This allows you to plan more accurately and have real-time visibility in the processes.

Moreover, it helps you to showcase the most relevant products of upcoming orders, streamlining the processes and optimizing every level of the supply chains. We help boost your ability to handle logistic matters in an agile manner.

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