Smarter forecasts, greater returns

Chain of Demand is all about cutting out the noise by making decisions easier, smarter, and faster. We help retailers and brands strengthen their position with actionable forecasts.

Reimagine your retail

The industry is changing fast. One of the most important challenges modern retailers are facing 
is knowing precisely what their customers want.

With the depth of our proprietary machine learning models, from advanced analytics to computer vision, we identify trends faster than you can imagine.

Learn How It Works

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Go deep with data from diverse markets

The diversity of our international team and unique position of being in Hong Kong allows us to gain insights for both the Asia-Pacific and US/Europe region.

We are able to process data points from both English and Chinese sources, strengthening our AI models to cater to clients in Eastern and Western markets.

Product data

Competitor data

Social media

Holiday data

Highlights in Numbers

Data points we've processed in the last two years alone
SKUs that we've analyzed from multiple fashion and retail brands
Average accuracy of our forecasts, 30% higher than industry standard

Retail experts, data enthusiasts.

Our team has over 20+ years of experience in retail, so we know exactly what our customers need and want.
We blend this industry expertise with the unmatched experience of our data science team.
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Mentioned by Industry Leaders

We’ve appeared on several major publications for our insights on the industry.

“AI can indeed bring more to the table: we can help make consumers healthier.”


“Chain of Demand wants to help fashion get out of its overstock rut by leveraging predictive analytics.”


“Chain of Demand, which provides artificial-intelligence systems to retailers in Asia and the U.S. to predict product demand.”