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Take action and see your data work for you. Discover the power of leveraging data, at the base of your fingertips.

Translate Data into Action

We explain how our data process works and how this translates into actionable insights for increased profits.
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    Pilot & Identify

    Discuss what your pain points are and identify the opportunity gaps to solve this problem.

  2. 2

    Learn & Process

    We aggregate data across various sources and we build ai models to process this into a structured format.
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    Predict & Recommend

    Our machine learning models are developed to recognize patterns which summarize the results into actionable insights.

Harness the power of
AI-driven technology

From text to images, there is a mountain of data out there. This opens up a great amount of opportunity for brands to identify and understand emerging trends.

With millions of photos online, we build AI models that are trained to recognize patterns and provide insights by analyzing the following attributes:

  • Category
  • Color
  • Size
  • Styles
  • Shapes
  • Logos

We utilize natural language processing to extract insightful patterns, allowing retailers to derive insights into what people are actually talking about.

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Real Data In Action

See how others are using our technology
to make the most of their data.

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How It All Works

Learn the six steps we take to make
powerful predictions for retails and brands.

1. Collect & Analyze

We collect 2-3 years of historical data from variou sources, both internal and external. Our self-learning models improve on each new data point, analyzing from everything from product attributes, sales, competitor, and social media data.

3. Align Strategy

We discuss what pain points your business is having and align the business objectives to ensure we can maximize profits and reduce risk.

5. Data Visualization

The fine-tuned models are connected to our application and output into an easy-to-understand visualized format. Opt-in to have a summary of your insights sent directly to your inbox.

2. Pre-Process

Real-world data is disorganized or incomplete. To resolve this issue, we do data pre-processing, which involves ‘cleaning’ the raw data into an understandable format, coupled with the process of ETL (extract, transform, load). 

4. Test, Train, Tune

We begin a multi-model approach by trying to find the best fit for your business needs. We test and validate the results with hyper-parameters and adjust the variables to get the most accurate predictions.

6. Improve Key Decisions

Use the AI-driven recommendations to understand and act on customer demand faster. Make data-driven decisions that will maximize efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. 

Our Data Sources

Our AI models combine, analyze, and learn from various data sources.

Social Media


Local weather


Holiday/Promotion Calendars


CPI & Unemployment Rates

Product Attributes

Historical Sales

Stock market

Tourism regulations

Influencer data

Competitor data

Image recognition

COVID-19 data

Web traffic data

Delivery location

Navigate the new retail

Build a cleaner world with data-driven decisions,
fit for a new retail landscape.