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Avoid falling behind by making the most out of your data with customized AI-powered analytics.

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Minimize Risk
Get quick actionable insights on what items will sell the next season, allowing you to order what matters.
Maximize Profits
Avoid losing out on changing customer demands. Identify emerging trends to keep you ahead of the curve.
Customized Fit
Produce more profitable results with customized models built around your pain points.

Made Specifically for You

From management to merchandising, our technology is
perfectly made to streamline the planning process and unify teams with data

Grow market share and increase profitability

Meet customer demand with the right products, at the right tme. Streamline every process easily across your team and maximize growth with data.

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“I reduced inventory in the first season alone. Every prediction was on point. ”

Spot opportunites and react to market conditions faster.

Gain competitive advantage by shopping more efficiently. Identify trends ahead of time and invest in the winning assortments.

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“I’m not very good with using programs, but Chain of Demand’s user interface is quite simple and straightforward.”

Increase efficiency by managing your inventory better.

Receive insights on real time data to stay on top of your orders. Know exactly what is going out and when, optimizing your storage capacity.

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“Understanding my data gave me a more holistic view of my business.”
Faster in the time it takes to analyze data
Increase in average predictive accuracy
SKUs analyzed across multiple brands in different categories

Navigate the New Retail  

Today, technology is transforming our world as we know it.
Stay ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of AI and analytics.

Gain a competitive edge in changing consumer markets

The modern consumer has changed. More people are shopping online and to keep up, make the most of your data for continuous digital transformation.

  • Grow your business by buying less upfront and selling through inventory, avoiding the need for markdown.
  • Stay agile by responding to customer demands faster and predicting what is popular.
  • Increase efficiency with the power of AI-driven data analysis, customized for your business.

Shape a cleaner tomorrow with sustainability in mind

Fashion continues to remain one of the most polluting industries. As consumers become smarter and more environmentally aware, retailers need to do more to change.

  • Take the lead in sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce overstock production by identifying the best and worst sellers.
  • Lower risk of inventory overstock by knowing when and where to allocate.

Navigate the new retail

Build a cleaner world with data-driven decisions,
fit for a new retail landscape.