Hundreds of millions of data points analyzed

Our proprietary AI turns unstructured and structured data into actionable insights, uncovers leading signals of company performance, and predicts revenues for both public and private companies.



    Key metrics to gain a deeper
    understanding about a company.



    Leading indicators of how company
    revenue can be tied to metrics.

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    Revenue Predictions

    Top line sales predictions for
    publicly listed companies.

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    Our Data Coverage

    We provide data sets across 7 sectors,
    extending for more than 40 companies over 40 regions.
    We are also now collecting Wall Street bets.



    Revenue predictions with
    98% average accuracy

    We provide revenue predictions that are more accurate than consensus estimates.

    With have over 100 million data points across 100 factors,
    our prediction models cover multiple verticals across the consumer sector.

    Our team of data scientists, industry veterans and engineers combine East and West data
    to provide you with real-time insights, signals, revenue predictions
    of both publicly and private companies.