Smarter forecasts, higher margins

Understand your entire business with easy-to-view visualizations and stay ahead of your competition with more accurate decisions.


Identify trends with in-depth AI analytics

Go granular with your data by drilling down to the SKU level of color, style and size. Compare between seasons to stay ahead of major trends.

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Increase margins with smarter suggestions

Know what to buy and sell 90 days out and learn precisely which action to take to increase your margins.

Reduce Markdown

Replenish Faster

Smarter Allocation

Improve Margins

Know what sells, make more sales

Understand what’s exactly happening with your inventory
and capitalize on these trends to make key decisions.

Manage Inventory


Product Analysis


Market Trends


Web Traffic


Industry Analysis


Order Insights

“The way consumers shop has changed in the last decade, and will continue to evolve. What they buy has changed too, and we’re now trying, with the help of Chain of Demand, to predict what they will be interested in a few months from now.”


Alex Misseri
Head of Digital Transformation and Revenues

Stay Informed

Learn why leveraging data can transform your business
and how other brands are succeeding doing so.

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