Smarter forecasts,
better returns

Buy what sells best and save more on every season
with AI-powered retail analytics.

Lead the digital divide

Build a competitive advantage and strengthen your business
for a digital-centered retail.

Minimize Inventory

We provide actionable insights on your best and worst sellers, helping minimize inventory risk.


Sustainable Strategies

Create more sustainable strategies for a changing retail by diving deep into our granular market insights.


Maximize Margins

We use advanced machine learning to predictcustomer demand, so you can react quicker and make more.

Profitable Decisions

Continue to hit your milestones month by month, increasing profitability with data-driven decisions.


Learn more about our process

Learn the steps of
AI-powered forecasts

Understand the importance of data and learn the steps we take to make powerful predictions:

SKUs analyzed
Faster predictions
More accurate


    Boost profitability with
    a diversity of data

    As an international team, we cover data from a diverse set of markets, pulling from both East and West to help boost business decisions. 

    Data points processed from a diverse set of markets all over the world.

    Understand your customers with data

    Pull from thousands of different data sources to gain clearer insights on how you can:

    Analyze Better

    React Faster

    Simplify Inventory

    Plan Smarter


    “We’re now trying, with the help of Chain of Demand, to predict what they will be interested in a few months from now.”


    Alex Misseri
    Head of Digital Transformation and Revenues

    Navigate the new retail

    Build a cleaner world with data-driven decisions,
    fit for a new retail landscape.

      Smart companies are trying new things. The rigid old fashion companies will go away.”
      Michael Reidbord
      CEO of Fashion Tech Consortium
      “We are at the last stage of fast fashion and there is a noise coming from the world about sustainability.
      Mark Harrop
      CEO of WhichPLM
      “With predictive analytics, companies can help improve, mapping production to demand."
      Amit Gautam
      CEO of Textile Genesis