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Do you charge per SKU?

As you can see from our Pricing Plan page, we currently provide a set price of $10 USD per SKU in the Per-SKU Subscription.

How do you guys go about collecting data?

We crawl the web (like search engines do) for publicly available information on retailer/brand websites, honing in on data points such as product price, promotion, category, attributes etc. Once we collect, clean, and analyze the data with our machine learning algorithms, we provide essential recommendations on how to improve your business.

How accurate is your data?

For traditional forecasting, the average time it takes to make predictions is 6 weeks and average accuracy in identifying best-worst sellers is 55%. However, with our algorithms, it only takes 2 weeks or less to make predictions, and the average accuracy rate in the best-worst sellers is 85%.

How can I pay for my purchases?

You can pay for your purchases through Paypal or Credit Card. Visit our Pricing Plan page to get more information on the prices and the different features of our subscriptions.

What is your limit to data volume or SKU numbers?

We do not have any limits.

Is English the only language you crawl, process, and analyze in? If not, what other languages do you do so in?

As of right now, we currently crawl and analyze data in English and Chinese, but in due time we will be expanding our efforts to other languages.

What are the prices for your service/product?

Visit our Pricing Plan page to get more information on the prices and the different features of our subscriptions.

Do you guys offer free trials? If so, how can I go about getting one?

Yes, we do provide free trials. Visit our Contact Us page to learn how to move forward.

What ROI can I expect?

On average, brands and retailers that used our solutions had a 17x return on investment. To learn more about the other advantages we’ve provided, click here.

How does your machine learning AI leverage price optimization and automation?

We start off with a 3-month pilot process where we analyze and identify user’s key pain points. From there, our machine learning algorithms learn and process the mass amounts of data, quickly discovering insights that may have been hidden to the average human eye. To find out more details on how the whole process works, click here.

Can I transfer access to another team member?

Yes, you can. You can do this in your profile.

How safe is my data?

As a company that offers predictive analytics services, data privacy and protection is of the utmost importance for us. Read through our Privacy Policy page to get a better idea on our data practices.

What are the prices for your service/product?

Currently, we offer two packages. You can view the details of what is offered and provide in each package at the Pricing Plan page.

How frequently do you guys update your data?

We update our data every three months.

Is there a faster way to receive notifications?

You can set to receive email notifications for each activity, or receive summary emails on a daily or weekly basis. Set your preferences by clicking here.

Who will handle our account?

Your dedicated customer success manager.

Do you have ready APIs for price match on Amazon?


What promotion-related information does your system capture?

Our services examine a multitude of variables such as selling price, discounts, and promotional offers.

Why can't I access certain pages or sections of the website and/or product?

If you are receiving an error for any of the pages, please let us know by sending us a reminder at the Contact Us page.

Where should I contact if there are technical problems?

For any technical issues with our website or services, please email us at immediately or send us a reminder at the Contact Us page.

How long can you store data?

We can store data for up to 3 years.

What kind of data is required from clients in order to deliver your solutions?

The primary data sources that we implement into our AI are social media, local weather, holiday/promotion calendars, CPI & unemployment rates,  product attributes, and historical sales transactions, etc. To get a clearer idea of the process that we go through to put out recommendable actions, click here.

What countries do you currently support?

Currently, we support any English-speaking country, as well as China.

Do you support offline retailers?

Yes, we support both on and offline retailers. Our services are ideal for retail & wholesale brands, as well as omnichannel retailers.

Are there any case studies done by you? If so, what industry have they been done in and how can I find them?

We will be posting our case studies real soon. Please check back at our news & updates page.

What sort of data sources do you require from a client during pilot period?

Our machine learning models combine, analyze, and learn from a multitude of sources – social media, product attributes, local weather information, etc. To learn more about the details of our process and data sources, click here.

Do you guys cater to my industry?

While we primarily focus on fashion retail brands, our services are open to retailers in general.

How long does it take to set up and start using your products/applications?

When it comes to starting our services, you can begin immediately by first requesting a demo. In regards to the process of getting things set up, we initially go through a 3-month piloting period where we analyze and identify user’s key pain points. To find out more about the details of our process, click here.

What are your system requirements?

All you need access to is a website browser (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) and a decent Wi-Fi connection.

Can we access your products on mobile/iPad?

We currently do not have a mobile/iPad app, however our website is mobile responsive.

Is there a limit to the number of teams that can share a login?

No, there is.

Do you provide tutorial sessions to users?

You can access the step-by-step tutorial of our dashboard on your profile page.

What is the average resolve time for any system failures, server issues, or data problems?

While everything depends on the specific problem, we will do our best to get back to you within 30 minutes.

Where can I report a bug?

If you find a bug on our interface or website, please help us out by reporting it at

Where can I find more information on your Affiliate partnerships programs?

For those interested in an affiliate partnership with us, please contact us at

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