An Aim for Sustainability in Fashion

There is no doubt that the fashion industry is influential to our global economy. It plays a huge role in…

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Why E-Commerce Is Important For Your Business

The past several years has been a disruptive, yet exciting time for industries everywhere. This has been particularly true for…

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Ernst & Young Invites Chain of Demand for Asia Retail Arena

On May 10, 2019, Chain of Demand’s CEO and Founder AJ Mak had the wonderful privilege to be a panelist…

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Why Omni-Channel Retail Is The Future of Commerce

In the past, retailers relied on a single channel to do business. This was the traditional way of doing things.…

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The Top 5 Popular Use Cases of AI in Retail

Artificial intelligence has already been applied to the fashion industry in so many ways, it’s getting harder to distinguish what’s…

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Predicting a Demand for Change: AJ Mak, Chain of Demand’s Founder/CEO

It was merely two years ago in March 2016, when history saw a human’s inevitable defeat to the hands of…

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A Timeline Look of Retailers Affected by the Retail Apocalypse

Over the last five years, countless retailers, big and small, have been experiencing the cold hand of the 'retail apocalypse.'…

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A Closer Look Into the Retail Apocalypse

While the term started to gain traction merely two years ago, the early beginnings of this emerging problem that has…

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How Predictive Analytics Will Change the Supply Chain

With the predictive analytics market to continue growing, it is no surprise that companies all across the board are looking…

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