made right

Dive into a diverse pool of data sets using AI-powered analytics
and take your business decisions to the next level.

Granular Research
Access millions of data points to improve precision in understanding the changing retail landscape.
Quality Datasets
Leverage a broad range of quality data sets from multiple sources to navigate the continuous shifts in the financial market.
Predictive Analysis
Improve your decision-making by turning data into actionable insights using big data and advanced analytics.

Data the way you need it

Our advanced analytics helps hedge funds, equity research, and
asset management firms do more with alternative data.

Data made easier.

Send, share, and receive files in any format. Work seamlessly across any file extension, from Excel to CSV.

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“I loved how easy it was to get the data I wanted in any file type I needed.”

Assess the market smarter.

Receive updated data to design a future-proof strategy for smarter market assessments.

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“Chain of Demand's data feeds allowed me to receive updated data much faster than imagined.”

Uncover insights faster.

Extract real value from organized reports that inspire smarter business decisions.

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“Chain of Demand's detailed reports helped organize my data clearly, giving me a holistic view of my business.”
Real-world data points processed from global brands
Faster in the time it takes to analyze data than industry
Increase in average predictive accuracy

Extract value from data

Use the latest AI technology to streamline your data delivery.

Make sense of every dataset

From social media to textual data, there is a lot of value to be derived from the millions of datasets. Drastically reduce the time spent on manually collection and extraction of important information.

  • Insights — Scrape through mountains of data sets and extract the key insights for better business decisions.
  • Signals — Indicate online data such as reviews and show how they can correlate with revenue.
  • Predictions — Provide AI-driven predictions that help you understand your top line.

Turn tracked metrics into calculated insights

From US to China, gain a unique competitive advantage by uncovering predictive insights from all every tracked metric. We put it altogether so you don’t have to. 

Market Data


Financial Data

Future-proof your firm today

Get access to real-time data to stay ahead of the market
and make better business decisions.