Product Development Solutions

Aggregate Trends & Improve Designs

As someone who needs to look ahead, it is vital for designers and product developers to leverage data. Rather than depending on past historical sales alone, our machine learning system uses a plethora of data points to gain deeper insights for designs.

With the power of predictive analytics, you can collect more accurate information on trends. As a result, you’ll design and create products that your customers truly want, thereby maximizing sales.

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For any brand that has multiple stores across different regions, the taste of each customer per location can be substantially different. The information from our data-driven insights can help you better understand the likes and demands of different shops for various regions.

  • A better understanding of customer’s needs
  • Focused design for specific stores
  • More information about trends per region
  • Improved customization
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Products are going in and out of e-commerce stores, and for that reason, you need to constantly be mapping out the next product. The insights from each deep data source and analytics of what item converted better can help you design according to the trends.

  • Improved understanding of trends
  • Better targeted products
  • Improved designs
  • Greater customized selection
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Different channels may have some overlapping items while others may not. Our solution can help know which stores are selling more of what item, and which products are underperforming. This makes the designing process more efficient and catered to each audience.

  • Personalized products across different channels
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Quicker replenishment
  • Inventory management
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Our solution provides the right information about what product should be created more, and at what ideal price. Thus, rather than producing unnecessary inventory, leading to over-stocking, you can develop according to the specific needs of your retailers, and in turn the customers.

  • Inventory management
  • Reduced markdowns
  • Greater personalization
  • Improved forecasting of specific items
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How Product Development Can Benefit From Predictive Analytics

  • Forecast demand much more accurately
  • Better understand trends in style, size, color
  • Improve research and development process
  • Develop better pricing strategies
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Solutions Made Specifically For You

[mkdf_image_with_text enable_image_shadow=”no” title_tag=”h4″ image=”11614″ image_size=”full” title=”Management” text=”Track and understand your KPIs better, learning to increase business’ sales, gross margins, and overall revenue.”]
[mkdf_image_with_text enable_image_shadow=”no” title_tag=”h4″ image=”11612″ image_size=”full” title=”Supply Chain” text=”Optimize product replenishment and inventory management by knowing when and where to ship what to.”]
[mkdf_image_with_text enable_image_shadow=”no” title_tag=”h4″ image=”11615″ image_size=”full” title=”Buying & Planning” text=”Make smarter, better decisions on what to buy and sell ahead of time, stocking up on the right products at the right time.”]