Top Alternative Data Providers

Chain of Demand

With alternative data growing in market size, there are more and more players that are coming into space, providing alternative data to investors and hedge fund managers. We are living in an ultra-competitive buying and selling environment, making it important for everyone to grab their hands on any data they can get to gain a competitive edge.

The insights alternative data provides for asset managers and investors help make better business decisions.While there are many criteria for data quality determined by your specific use case, a few companies stand above the others. There are plenty of challenges to using alternative data the right way. As such, we take a look at some of the top alternative data providers that companies can trust to get valuable, insightful data for their alpha.

Top Alternative Data Companies

Chain of Demand

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Chain of Demand high-quality decisions using alternative data, primarily for retail investors. Providing revenue predictions, insights, and signals, Chain of Demand scrapes through a plethora of data, from e-commerce, web traffic, social media, retail store, inventory, and search data. With so much data out there, it can be difficult tricky to filter through the noise. Making the right decision as an investor or business is difficult. Chain of Demand’s Predictive Insights helps to take the load off by making data easier. Customers have access to millions of data points to improve the reliability of their decisions, which are all organized and analyzed via machine learning models.


Thinknum Alternative Data – Wield the web as data

Thinknum believes in giving high-quality, good ideas for alternative data. With an aim to create online user-friendly atmosphere for investors, Thinknum deals in salary data, company data, e-commerce data, etc. Its focus is on generating data-driven insights primarily off of web data.


Quexopa - AlternativeData

Based on Mexico, Quexopa is an alt data provider that has over 250 000 accounts with over 5 million monthly transactions. Pulling from Latin American transaction insights for financial institutions and governments, the company deals with credit card transactions, mobile location, real estate listings, and demographic mobile user data.


Award-Winning Artificial Intelligence Company Yewno Launches Innovative  Investment Research Platform, Yewno|Edge | Business Wire

Yewno deals with creating intelligence data that deals with a knowledge graph. It is currently being applied across financial services, education, and government to help deliver products that make better business decisions. Yewno primarily offers company, research, and pricing data.


Accern | Careers

Accern provides information on significant stories for approximately U.S. open companies. Scraping through 300 million open news, web journals, social media websites, and monetary reports, the company helps your decisions with data on stories that are impactful. Customers can make faster decisions with more educated data.


RavenPack Launches Free Coronavirus News Monitor to Help Data-driven  Professionals Face the Challenging New Market Conditions

RavenPack is a large data analytics supplier for monetary administrations. From speed to precision, the company analyzes unstructured data for companies to get insights from. It markets itself as a big data analytics on-demand service, helping decision-makers learn more with their data.

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