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What We Do

Quickly & Accurately Predict Demand

With Chain of Demand’s data-driven solution, you can stay ahead by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Our advanced machine learning algorithms provide deep insights and rapid recommendations to help you make smarter, stronger business decisions. As fashion retailers in this fast-paced world, the enhanced foresight our proprietary AI provides can substantially strengthen sales and propel profit.

Our solution goes beyond simple forecasting, as we drill down to the SKU level. Establish control over inventory performance as our AI goes through your internal data of product attributes and historical sales levels, along with other external data points. Through this, you receive quick recommendations that inform you on how much to optimize per store, which help keep inventory levels low and minimize costs.

Know how customers will respond to different prices for your products across multiple channels. Our AI-driven pricing suggestions help you identify the best price per SKU to increase margins and maximize revenue. Ensure every product meets the constantly changing demands by being competitively priced all the time, as our machine learning algorithms dig through seasonal and promotional discounts. Make the right SKU level adjustments for optimal results.

Using both internal and external data sources, our AI algorithms identify opportunities that can be used to optimize your marketing strategy. By analyzing social media trends and socio-economic changes (unemployment rate, consumer price index), you can use the insights gained to structure a highly targetted, specified marketing campaign. Moreover, our solutions can help you become more aware of your choices to spend X amount will affect sales.

Utilize our accurate predictions by learning what sold well, tracking KPIs easily and understanding your products on a deeper level. As our system informs what was the best and worst seller, both when and where this gives you greater insight into developing a better product for the future. Know what to design ahead of the competition through the predictions that our solution provides.

While we don't replenish your products for you, our AI-driven system provides speedy suggestions on what items to replenish. This helps the supply chain as a whole, as it allows you to act faster and make smarter data-driven decisions. Learn to buy less upfront, double down on best sellers, and reduce your inventory risk by knowing what items and how many to order. Overall, you learn to make more of what sells while putting away the products that are stale.


What We Deliver

After months of testing and fine-tuning, we have created a proprietary machine learning system that helps to deliver smarter business decisions for changing demands.

  • We predict consumer demand 4 weeks faster than most
  • We are 32% more accurate, which is why we’re the better choice
  • We care about simplicity in design, making it easier for you to learn and optimize

Where & How We’ve Helped

By employing our advanced AI-driven predictions, one omnichannel fashion brand with an annual turnover of $150 million USD was able to drastically improve their sales, margins, and overall profit.

As a result of using our solution, they were able to determine what stores to fulfill inventory faster, and how to optimize their prices better. The fast suggestions allowed them to make a quick action to increase their gross margins and reduce thousands of dollars in unwanted inventory. 

Higher Margins

Increased gross margin by 6% through better predictions

Saved Costs

Saved 15% on costs by minimizing inventory risk

Increased Sales

Increased sales by 21% by replenishing product quickly


Had a 17x return by quickly acting on AI-driven suggestions

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